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Join us this SATURDAY JUNE 20th from Noon to 2PM for our June Event Family Picnic. We will be at Lone Branch State Park at Pavilion 1.

A huge thank you to Chef Rick Kahre who is providing his Famous Nick’s BBQ and Chef Jody Perling who is providing Hot Dogs and Desserts.

We need everyone to bring a side dish to compliment all the yummy food we will have! Please contact Chef Gary Rawson at 615-925-0098 or email him at with the item you will be bringing.


We are also doing a “Bragging Rights” Chicken wing competition. Please bring us your best concoction of wings to be judged by your peers to win bragging rights of the Chapter! Please bring about 24 wings cooked and ready to eat. If you are providing a sauce with your wings please bring your own container and serving spoon.

We will have plates, forks, napkins and drinks.

Bring your kids and friends and enjoy some games and a day of fun! Hope to see you there at the last gathering before summer break!

Picnic page with interavtice map

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